Building a greener tomorrow!


Our exemplary journey in innovative engineering, product development and process optimization through the implementation of sustainable policies are at the core of CAC’s philosophy.

Our trifecta of potential innovative solutions across sustainable materials and methods enables us and our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Our range of admixtures & concrete additives, construction systems products, and cement additives developed through our R&D programs & technology competence help our customers reduce their overall carbon footprint and water usage in their construction projects, processes, and designs.

At CAC, our approach towards innovations and sustainability hinges on the -

Conservation of natural resources and maximizing their single-use by extending the usability of first-built structures and reducing re-build

In case of redevelopment at old structures sites, enabling recycling/re-use of old concrete in new construction by supporting recycled aggregate concrete

Extension of Designed Service Life of Structures, which reduces life cycle costs for projects, thus improving their viability

Enabling the building of strategic projects in extreme environments, thus helping national security and competitiveness of projects

Incorporation of industrial waste as raw material to make concrete and use of agro-waste instead of fossil fuel at all plants resulting in a reduction of CO2 footprint.

At CAC, our approach towards innovations and sustainability hinges on the –