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The CAC is devoted to the Hon. PM’s “Make in India for All the World” agenda. The CAC is the preferred substitute for foreign MNCs and imported concrete additives, and it sees itself playing a significant part in India’s expanding construction sector. Additionally, it produces the entire range of earlier imported raw materials.

Manufacturing facilities integrated by CACs serve all of India. Combining this with the specialised vehicles it owns gives CAC the ability to provide consumers with enticing, effective, and affordable value.

Middle East and African consumers are already catered to by CAC, and the company is currently looking to enter new international markets.

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The CAC Story

Concrete Additives and Chemicals Private Limited (CAC), an Indian noteworthy in the concrete admixture sector, chalks its way forward with help from the Indian Public. From its beginnings in chemical Indenting, the company now embarks on fully integrated greenfield plans- aimed at catering to the growing concrete demand across the nation’s interiors- an expansion in products.

            As far ago as 1942, a chemical Indenting trader, Indo Straits came aboard, realising probably the immense yearning the country would have for its growth. 

Far-sighted entrepreneurship resulted in the birth of the Indo Straits, an Indian Indenting trader in chemical in 1942- a trading history that would find echoes into the future. That success and the huge demand for Lignin- lignosulphonate salt- as a chemical admixture in concrete, resulted in the second generation researching and manufacturing it in 1966.

          Thus, the 66 years between Indo Straits and Concrete Additives and Chemicals Private Limited (CAC) in 2008 covered a wide range of time and products. There were a lot of successes along the way. Thus, Satish Jayshankar, the current chairman, founded CAC, who was the third-generation business to build on the admixtures scenario. Due to Indo Straits’ and the Lignin Plant’s success, CAC expanded its backward integration and began working directly with last-mile consumers including concrete suppliers and online contractors. This is the adventure, which started in 2008 and is still ongoing

As a result of the company’s current growth trajectory, it is currently a major global supplier of these essential raw materials to admixture businesses. With a solid foundation and several interconnected strong infrastructures and numerous integrated facilities spread across India and the Middle East, CAC has been able to offer clients consistently high-quality admixtures and prompt technical support for more than ten years.

Today, CAC has advanced past admixtures and the Indian market; there is no going back. It takes pride in being a producer and last-mile supplier of a variety of products, including soil stabilisers, sprayable waterproofing membranes, polysulphide sealants, TBM and cement grinding aids, cement enhancers, PU infection and epoxy resin grouts, and soil stabilisers for road construction.

CAC expansion into the UAE and Oman paved the toehold for global expansion. The growth is also pushed ahead with Its unique boutique model of customer-centric formulation centres, formulating products with key raw materials supplied by Indian factories.

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