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CAC is one of the leading players in India with decades of experience in delivering innovative and superior quality performance material solutions for the infrastructure and construction industry. From our inception in 2008, we have been focused on developing technology led solutions for sustainable construction, setting industry standards for innovation and quality.

We have garnered immense recognition by being a part of marquee Infrastructure projects across India and a reliable partner for our customers. At CAC, we constantly strive to partner with our customers contributing to their success through an agile customer-centric approach supported by experienced regional technical service experts and labs across India.

Our focus on R&D and Innovation, led by highly experienced Industry experts, in new chemistries and technologies has enabled us to develop sustainable solutions for the evolving needs and application complexity of our customers.
Our solutions cater to a diverse set of critical industry applications including Airports, Metro & Railways, Tunnels, Roads & Bridges, Dams & Hydro Power, Thermal and Nuclear Power, Buildings & Factories, Precast Construction and Cement.
Our products are manufactured using our in-house developed key polymers that enable us to provide customized solutions meeting local market needs and stringent design specifications
CAC’s solutions are designed with a long-term perspective of sustainability. We continuously strive to improve construction sustainability quotient by enhancing material and energy efficiency, thereby reducing resource consumption at CAC and for our customers. Our commitment to environment, health, safety (EHS) and enables us act responsibly towards our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Our motivated and experienced people have been the greatest pillars of our success. We foster a culture of innovation, inclusiveness and agility which is reflected in the success of our customers.

The Group Pioneering The Industry For 80+ Years


Stock and trade of chemicals


First to manufacture Lignin products in India

Manufacture of SNF.
2nd Gen Superplasticizer for Concrete
Export of SNF
Globally. Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore
Inception of CAC in Mumbai
1st Plant in Chennai
Plant in Roorkee
Plant in UAE
UGC Range of Products. Shotcrete AFA, Cement & Resin Capsules
Strategic technology Partnership
with largest cement / concrete player in Oman

Launched PerfAC

Waterborne Anchor Coatings for Flexible Packaging

3rd & 4th Gen Admixtures for Concrete
Started Kolkata Plant
Launched Range of Cement Additives, Powder Admixtures.
Started work on
2nd Plant in Chennai

LRC inaugurates 3rd Spray Drying Facility in Mumbai.

Established plants in Malaysia & KSA

LRC inaugurates 2nd Plant in Chennai

CAC’s expertise stems from the knowledge in polymer science and chemical synthesis accumulated over the 80+ years of rich history and lineage of the Group. The Group started with the indenting and trading of specialty chemicals in 1942 with IndoStraits – one of first to introduce – Lignin- lignosulphonate – to India.
The Group further in 1966 became one the first to invent and manufacture Lignin products in India which is regarded as the first generation plasticizer/dispersing agent under LRC (Lignin Research Centre). Further, in 1978, LRC progressed to manufacture SNF (Sulphonated Nathalene Formaldehyde) under the brand “IndoLiga” in India as a second generation plasticizer/dispersing agent for various applications. “IndoLiga ” became one of the most trusted and synonymous brands for lignin products in India.
Leveraging its expertise in polymer technology, the Group in 2008 undertook an upstream diversification into admixtures and concrete additives catering to leading infrastructure and construction companies in India. Since 2008, the CAC has evolved into a trusted brand and solution partner in the construction chemicals segment with strategically located manufacturing facilities across India. Today, CAC has built a diversified portfolio of products including Underground Construction (UGC) additives, Corrosion Inhibitors (Corrobit OCI Technology), Curing Compounds, Waterproofing Systems, Sealants, Mortars & Grouts, Tiling Adhesive and Bonding Agents, Protective Coatings, Cement Additives and Piling Polymers.
In 2017, the Group further launched PerfAC® Water Borne Anchor Coating Systems for the packaging industry and continues to innovate to provide sustainable solutions to the industry.

Admixtures,Underground Construction Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing Compounds, Waterproofing systems, Sealants, Mortars & Grouts, Tiling Adhesive and Bonding Agents, Protective Coatings, Cement Additives and Piling Polymers.

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