CAC Crystaseal

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Cementitious Crystalline Capillary Integral waterproofing additive for concrete

Primary Applications:
CAC-Crystaseal is recommended for construction of sewage water treatment plants, secondary containment structures, tunnels, subway systems, foundations, parking structures, swimming pools, reservoirs, pre-cast, shotcrete, coastal roads, highways, sea ports, harbours and other structures that are exposed to saline conditions.

Features & benefits:

  • Resists positive & negative hydrostatic pressure
  • Becomes an integral part of the concrete
  • Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Can seal hair line cracks up to 0.5mm and it is permanent
  • Allows concrete to breathe
  • Non-toxic, VOC free
  • Added to concrete at the time of batching and therefore is not subject to climatic re-straints.



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